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Name: Kali/ Callie


Sexuality: Homoflexible/Bi-curious/Generally Questioning my sexuality but girls are pretty rad


Fandoms: I'm Homestuck trash, basically. Other shit pops up sometimes, including SuperWhoLock (I generally dislike that fandom) WTNV, DMMD, Anime, and a gaggle of other things. Always feel free to ask me to tag things, and let me know if you're up for RP.


Other: Here's a cool sunglasses emoji. 😎


Kali here. Look, I know my art isn’t very good, but it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me for a lot of different reasons. I was really hoping you guys could help me give myself a little self esteem boost.
This here is a JohnDave comic I’ve been working on for a while now, mainly centered on crockertier!John. It’s about 50 or so pages long, with approximately 5-7 ‘panels’ per page. That’s a lot of art! It’s been keeping me up and going when I’ve been having a hard time. Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot more ahead of me, so here’s what I’m asking:
If you guys get this to 100 notes (wow that’s a lot of notes you fucking nerd) I will post the entire WIP so far! I know you probably don’t care much, but it’d be really cool of you guys.
Here’s the other thing. For every 4 reblogs, I’ll scan and finish one page. For every 4 likes, I’ll start a new page.
I know it probably doesn’t mean much to you guys, so I’m sorry. But if you are willing to give me a hand here, not only would I appreciate it, but I’d be indebted to you.
Have a really lovely day, and if you even stopped to read this, I love you and I hope something great happens to you.

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